“Expect the worst, but hope for the best” was a phrase I lived by up until relatively recently.

It felt safe to not dream too big, or hope for too much.  You cushion the eventual fall by not fully believing in good things.

I’m sorry, can we read that again?


What the what?  We are NOT called to that.

I was having a conversation with my friend Tim, several months ago, who very wisely put me in my place when I was defaulting to pessimism:

“I disagree when people say, “Don’t get your hopes up.”  Get your hopes up.  Turn that hope into faith.  Hope is all we have to sit on, and faith is all we can do for our part.  So get your hopes up lady.  So what if it falls through, you were living in a wonderful hope the whole time, instead of that expectant reality/facetiousness people seem so eager to prove they contain.  I don’t easily slip into pessimism, so I just ride hope like a horse.”

(it’s good to have friends like this, for the record.)

 Do not, for a second, do yourself (or God for that matter) the disservice in believing that nothing but amazing things are intended for you.  Choose to live in the ‘wonderful hope.’  I PROMISE YOU, the view is better from here.


8 thoughts on “Pessimism

  1. It’s my first time commenting so: Hi!
    Your post couldn’t have come more timely for me, really. I’m currently applying for post-grad jobs/internships and after getting my hopes up too high for a few times got discouraged. But looking back at least some of those jobs probably weren’t the best fit for me in the first place. I’ll take your post as inspiration to – yes! – get my hopes up again. It’s true: if we don’t believe in ourselves whom are we trying to convince of our talents?

    • So awesome. It’s almost something you’d need to remind yourself each morning and eventually will become a part of your daily mindset. It’s not worth it to live in discouragement. 😉 Best of luck to you!

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