A New York Minute

What does that even mean?

There’s been roughly 79,200 minutes since my last post.  (I’m super good at blogging.)

But I’ll tell you, life in New York City is never dull.  Let me recap the last 79,200 minutes, in brief summary form.

We launched our night services from our new venue, where we got to sing the first song I’ve written.  Was pretty surreal.

Celebrated two of my dear friends with a beautiful wedding weekend in Montauk.  Jessi is a fantastic blogger.

Followed by a birthday BBQ for my best friend.  Who doesn’t love birthdays, BBQs, and besties?

Got last minute tickets to a concert in Central Park to see John Mayer, Alecia Keys, and Stevie Wonder with 2 of my pretty cool friends.

(Hi Tyler, no more yelling about updates.)

Was deeply influenced and inspired at the Hillsong Conference in NYC.

Then I quickly flew to Hawaii and enjoyed mornings like this:

And sunsets like this:

I returned refreshed, and started writing a new song.

Then, our worship team had one of the most influential nights I think we’ve ever had.  Where God blew our expectations out of the water.

And now it is Fall in New York City, where you can’t help but to love every second of it.

It’s been good, and I apologize for my absence.  But I’m back, and I’ll do better.  😉


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