When meeting new people…


This could probably apply to many places, but I feel like, ESPECIALLY in New York City, one of the first things people ask you, is ‘what do you do?’

So, here’s my suggestion for a new way to think about things.

Instead of asking, ‘what do you do?’ ask, ‘what do you LOVE to do?’

Learning what someone is passionate about is far more telling than what they do to pay their rent.  Here’s an example, say you meet 2 people…  One works a ‘boring’ tech job, but is incredibly passionate about writing music.   The other has an ‘impressive’ finance job, but is incredibly passionate about taxidermy.  I mean, at the end of the day, it’s your call, but in this case, I know which question I’d rather be asking.

Passion, not occupation, defines people.


One thought on “When meeting new people…

  1. This is something every New Yorker needs to practice. People are not one-dimensional. This reminds me of the first time Trish and I hung out. We connected with a simple question, “what’s your story” and spent hours learning about each other that way. Can’t wait for your next post.

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